What is home network security and why should I care?

Home network security refers to the protection of a network that connects devices to each other and to the internet within a home.

These devices include:

  • Routers
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Televisions
  • Baby monitors
  • Security alarms and cameras
  • Smarthome devices, lights, plugs, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, etc.

Many home users share two misconceptions about the security of their network:

  • The home network is too small to be at risk of cyberattack.
  • Devices are “secure enough” right out of the box.

Most attacks are not personal in nature and can occur on any type of network. If a network connects to the internet, it is more vulnerable to outside access.

How can Simply IT help improve the security of my home network?

Simply IT can provide and implement effective mitigation steps to significantly reduce the attack surface of your home network and make it more difficult for a malicious intruder from launching an attack on your network, or using your network as a means to intrude other networks.

Patch and Update Management – Regular software updates are one of the most effective steps one can take to improve the overall security of their home network. Software updates not only provide new features and functionality, there is often times critical security fixes that mitigate risks to your computer and home network. Simply IT has the ability to manage updates on your machines, schedule times and days for updates to be installed, and even prevent installation of updates that may conflict with your usage needs.

Software Management – Disabling unnecessary or unwanted applications such as Manufacturer bloatware, and malware also reduces risk to your network.  These software packages often times have default “out-of-box” configurations that are often less secure to maintain easier usability but at the cost of security.  Simply IT can manage installation of software, remove unwanted or malicious software, and update software packages.

Configuration Management – Many software and hardware products come “out-of-box” with overly insecure factory-default configurations intended to make the user-friendly. Unfortunately, these default configurations are not geared towards security. Leaving defaults settings in place can create avenues for network attacker exploitation. Simply IT can manage those configurations.

Access Control Policy – Most network devices are pre-configured with default administrator passwords to simplify setup. These default credentials are not secure and are readily available to anyone on the internet. Leaving these unchanged creates opportunity for would be attackers to gain unhindered access to your entire network. In addition to hardware devices, there are often times default passwords in applications which could ultimately compromise data if left unchanged. Simply IT can change these passwords to strong, unique passwords, secure those passwords against discovery, and provide restricted access policies to a number of aspects of your network. Protecting your network and securing your data is of upmost importance in today’s technology climate.

HIPS and Vulnerability Management – Antivirus, Anti-malware, and Intrusion prevention measures to include firewalls are key to preventing access to your personal information. These items reduce risk of malicious code running on your machine and stealing your information. Firewalls block traffic from entering your network in the first place, but do not prevent code that is run by your device from sending data out, this is where antivirus and malware applications aid in the security infrastructure of your network. Simply IT can implement, and ensure consistent updates are made to these security measures to mitigate those vulnerabilities.